City of Deltona  
2345 Providence Blvd.  
Deltona, FL 32725  
Development Review Committee  
Thursday, June 6, 2024  
9:00 AM  
2nd Floor Conference Room  
The DRC and Informational/Pre-application meeting is held both in  
person and in a virtual environment via Microsoft Teams and can be  
accessed by the following methods:  
The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.  
Present:3 -  
Chair Phyllis Wallace  
Member Jessica Entwistle  
Member Chad Tate  
Absent:1 - Member Leigh Grosvenor  
Alternate Sharon Shivers sat in for Member Leigh Grosvenor.  
Also present: Alternate Samuel Schaller, Fire Safety; Nelly Kerr and Milton Robles,  
Planning and Development Services; James Parrish, Bobbie Degon, and Tony Elam,  
Deltona Water; City Attorney Segal-George; Octavio Abreau, El Rey Jesus Orlando; Ronda  
Kelton, Servicemaster Fire & Water Restoraction; Robyn Davila-Usher, EXO Limited; Mike  
Flora, Sloan Engineering; Edin Coralic, Coralic Architecture; Brooke Dunahugh, and  
Mitchell Reynolds, Cole Valley Partners.  
Minutes of May 16, 2024  
Motion by Jessica Entwistle, seconded by Sharon Shivers to approve  
the Minutes of May 2, 2024, as presented. The motion carried  
5. PUBLIC FORUM: Time permitted, public comments shall be limited to items on the  
agenda and shall not exceed two minutes. Please be courteous and respectful of the  
views of others. Personal attacks on Committee/Board members, City staff or  
members of the public are not allowed and will be ruled out of order by the Chair.  
Chair Wallace explained that since member Carl Lynch had retired, Chad Tate would need  
to be made a permanent member.  
Motion by Jessica Entwistle, seconded by Samuel Schaller to approve  
Alternate Chad Tate as the Building Department representative. The  
motion carried unanimously.  
La Casa Del Rey Jesús Deltona - 1240 E. Normandy Blvd. -  
Pre-Application Meeting  
Applicant Octavio Abreau gave an overview of the organization he is with, and the project.  
He stated they are interested in creating a house of worship that will only have a maximum  
of 40 people at a time.  
Member Entwistle stated that the use is allowed in C-1 zoning and discussed parking  
Mr. Abreau stated they plan to utilize the existing parking of the property, and other parking  
lots in the area if possible.  
Discussion occurred about parking and capacity.  
Alternate Shivers discussed parking calculation being based on the maximum capacity of  
the building, and that currently at maximum capacity of the building an estimated 57 parking  
spaces would be required for the use.  
Mr. Abreau gave an overview of how they plan to utilize the inside of the building, and stated  
they would like to maintain an open floor plan with a stage.  
Chair Wallace stated a Cross Access agreement with adjacent properties could be utilized  
for this project to adhere to the parking requirements. She stated the property is serviced by  
septic, and the applicant would need to provide a confirmation letter from the health  
Alternate Shivers spoke regarding the definition of an assembly and the potential need for  
tenant separation depending on the amount of occupants for the project.  
Discussion occurred regarding zoning, and next steps for the project.  
825 Fort Smith Blvd. - Pre-Application Meeting  
Applicant Ronda Kelton gave an overview of the property.  
Member Entwistle stated the property is in a C-1 zoning which allows for commercial  
Discussion occurred regarding setbacks and landscape buffers.  
Chair Wallace stated at this time the property is located in a flood zone X, and is not in  
wetlands or scrub jab territory.  
Member Entwistle stated a dumpster enclosure would be required for a commercial  
development, and the property would have to adhere to the parking requirements of the City  
of Deltona Land Development Code.  
Discussion occurred regarding storm water and ponds.  
James Parrish stated the property is located within the Blue Springs Basin Management  
Action Plan (BMAP) area and development of the property may require sanitary sewer.  
The View Deltona - 2202 Conway Dr. - Pre-Application Meeting  
Applicant Robyn Davila-Usher gave an overview of her organization, and the project.  
Discussion occurred about landscape buffers.  
Member Entwistle stated the mail kiosk, and the dumpster can not be in the landscape  
buffer. She stated the applicant would need to get with Waste Pro to discuss potential  
dumpster locations and dumpster size.  
Discussion occurred about the requirements for a Variance.  
Chair Wallace stated the applicant is to adhere to the City of Deltona Land Development  
Code for the project to the best of their abilities. She stated the property is in a Flood Zone  
A, which will require the establishment of a base flood elevation. She also stated the  
property is in a scrub jay habitat.  
Discussion occurred about base flood elevations, flood zones, and FEMA.  
Member Entwistle stated any property line that is waterfront has a 40 foot setback, and that  
stormwater ponds can not be located in the setback.  
Discussion occurred about handicap parking.  
Alternate Schaller stated that if the building is sprinkled there will need to be a fire hydrant  
within 100 feet of a FDC.  
Discussion occurred regarding unit sizes and fire requirements.  
Dutch Bros - Halifax Crossings Blvd. - Pre-Application Meeting  
Applicant Brooke Dunahugh gave an overview of the project.  
Member Entwistle spoke about the lot size requirements for the project. She stated per the  
Development Agreement, the lot must be 1.5 acres minimum.  
Discussion occurred about setbacks and parking requirements.  
Ms. Dunahugh stated the plan is a concept, and that they would like to utilize the master  
storm system of the development.  
Member Entwistle stated the project is not located on a spine road. She stated a gopher  
tortoise survey would be required for submittal and that a tree mitigation fee would be  
James Parrish stated the property is located within Volusia County utilities.  
Discussion occurred regarding reservoir parking spaces.  
Alternate Schaller stated any dead end longer than 150 feet would require a turnaround for  
the fire department. He stated there would need to be a fire hydrant within 400 feet of the  
building and a 24 foot drive aisle.  
Discussion occurred regarding access to the property.  
Alternate Schaller stated a separate CO2 permit outside of the building permit would be  
Discussion occurred regarding stormwater infrastructure, and building design  
Member Entwisle spoke regarding the process and timeline of submitting a Final Site Plan.  
She stated a traffic methodology would be required for submittal.  
Discussion occurred regarding impact fees.  
Alternate Schaller stated having fire department access from McDonald's could mitigate the  
need of a turn around. He stated an auto-turn analysis would be required.  
Member Tate stated the building department would want paper copies of the project at time  
of submittal for the building permit.  
Discussion occurred regarding building standards and Florida Building Code.  
Edin Coralic spoke about the utilization of a hydro mechanical grease interceptor for the  
James Parrish stated with the project being serviced by Volusia County, they would need to  
contact them for this.  
Discussion occurred regarding outdoor seating.  
The meeting adjourned at 10:18 am.  
Phyllis Wallace, Committee Chair  
Brandon Hatch, Committee Secretary.