City of Deltona  
2345 Providence Blvd.  
Deltona, FL 32725  
City Commission Workshop  
Monday, May 13, 2024  
5:30 PM  
Deltona Commission Chambers  
The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by Mayor Avila.  
Present:4 -  
Mayor Avila  
Commissioner Avila-Vazquez  
Commissioner McCool  
Commissioner Shimkus  
Absent:3 -  
Vice Mayor JodyLee  
Commissioner Colwell  
Commissioner Heriot  
Discussion regarding the Special Assessments for Stormwater and  
Solid Waste.  
The Interim City Manager introduced Bill Redman, Senior Vice Presidents of Redman  
Consulting Group to discuss the assessment for Solid Waste.  
Bill Redman gave a presentation to include: Deltona Contract Requirements, Fuel  
Adjustment Calculations, Consumer Price Index: Water Sewer / Trash, Solid Waste (Trash)  
Assessment for FY 2024-2025, and Cost per pickup.  
The Commission, Mr. Redman, and staff discussed landfill costs, advising residents,  
recycling, costs per house, yard waste, financial benefits, being cost effective,  
contamination, processing fees, ecology, human investment, stewardship, education,  
reserve funding, shortfalls, emergencies, FEMA reimbursement, bulk storm trash, extra  
weight, utilizing haulers, misplaced garbage cans, missed trash pick ups, the complaint  
process, avoiding fines, bulk cleanouts, Code Enforcement, abatements and liens,  
dash-boarding current trash data, dumping, handicapped resident pickup process,  
garbage truck costs, private recycling companies, Waste Pro exclusivity, recycling drop off  
stations, hydraulic leaks from trucks, cleaning garbage trucks, and the last solid waste  
increase (2018).  
The Interim City Manager introduced Bryan Mantz from GovRates to discuss the  
assessment for Stormwater.  
Bryan Mantz gave a presentation to include: What Do the City's Stormwater Rates Pay  
For?, Stormwater Rates, Revenue Requirements, Issue: Aging Infrastructure, City Efforts to  
Secure Stormwater Grants, Capital Program Through Fiscal Year 2029, Projected Capital  
Program Funding, Issue: Substantial Cost Increases, Sample Cost Increases Since  
Stormwater Rates Were Last Adjusted, Issue: Impact to General Fund, Revenues Under  
Existing Rates Are Insufficient to Address Utility System Needs, Financial Risks of Not  
Adjusting Stormwater Rates, Projected Need for Stormwater Rate Adjustments, With  
Adjustments, Revenues Meet Revenue Requirements and Cash Balances Reach Targets  
by End of Forecast Period, Effective Monthly Rate Comparison, Rate/Bill Comparison Not  
a "Report Card" on How Well Utility Is Performing, Recommendations, and Questions and  
The Commission, Mr. Mantz, and staff discussed the County's rate study, explaining clearly,  
residents' fears, insurance coverage, cost avoidance, the Capital Improvement Plan, the  
City's needs, state funding, the Theresa Basin Study, being transparent, Fitch ratings,  
financial decisions, engineering estimates, timelines, misconceptions, breadth of funding,  
dash-boarding the funding and completion processes, communication, supplementation,  
outdated infrastructure, budget deficits, grant matching, managing money, ERU's  
(Equivalent Residential Units), and what is covered under Stormwater.  
5. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Time permitted, public comments shall be limited to items  
on the agenda and shall not exceed two minutes. Please be courteous and respectful  
of the views of others. Personal attacks on Commission members, City staff or  
members of the public are not allowed, and will be ruled out of order by the Mayor.  
Mayor Avila opened the public comments and Doug MacDonald, Katherine Gallagher, and  
Elbert Bryan addressed the Commission.  
The Interim City Manager asked for consensus to have Deltona Begin Again  
Children's Grief Counseling come in to do a presentation in an upcoming  
meeting and the Commission concurred.  
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:03 p.m.